Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Eavesdropping 2

Number 10 bus, Sunday 14th December approximately

One radge looking type is already sitting at the back of the bus, mid thirties, Nike air max, Addidas pants and Addidas jacket. Haggard complexion, looks like his paper round to Hexham and back went on for too long. Second radge gadge gets on next to Todd’s Nook high rise flats on the West road. He’s in his mid twenties, typical ratty expression with a slight build. Nike air max, Addidas pants and Addidas jacket. He immediately heads to the back of the bus and gives a slight nod to the older fella and they seem to be acquainted.

‘alreet wor kid’

‘aye yareet like’

‘aye whey aye’

‘are ya still on the smerrrk leek’

(loud enough so every one can hear) ‘aye well a just picked up a half ounce leek, proper good shit leek. Are ye after oot leek?’

‘sound. Wull am afta a few e’s like’

‘nae boffaz I’ve got any amounts in the hoose like, any amounts. Maybe 500’.

‘Nae boffaz heres me numba.’
(gives number)

‘reet mate this is me giz a bell when ya need sortin oot like.’

‘kush kush-d. wor are the like? Mitzys?’

‘daint nah but thu yello and tha get ya proper wrecked man, Dexy could anly take 8’

‘straaaaaigghttts. Al take 50 off ya then’.

‘reet wor kid cheers nowts a boffa’.

Younger radge cunt alights bus. Older gadge returns to spitting incessantly on the floor for the rest of his journey.