Thursday, 24 April 2008

Changes and spots..

Right so I'm all moved now, goodbye Heaton hello North Shields! North Shields is the town where I was born and lived for most of my younger years, its also where I rode street for many a year. My new flat is right on the river, not far from the ferry landing. It feels good to be back down here, being so close to sea is mint and its a lot quieter than the metropolis of NE6. There is of course a few downsides, there are far more radge cunts down here and you can't get moved on the high street  for pasty scoffing bamps with 9 kids screaming and a staffy in tow. Cracking fish and chips a stones throw from my gaff so it more than makes up for it.
North Shields and the surrounding areas actually has some really good spots, plently of  flat banks and the like, the sort of spots that you can session for ages without getting kicked off, something that happened all to often when riding in Newcastle city centre.  I was out today and took a few photo's of some of the more interesting ones..

This curved wallride is a favorite of North Shields bad boy Marty..

Law court ledges

sweet bank to rail

gap anyone?

above and below: rough cobbles but fun banks

Below: The skate park is well underway too, here's the latest-



Tom Finch said...

That cobble spot looks sweet john! ill come visit u :-)

shithawk1 said...

great bbq john! i had a boy of a time