Tuesday, 29 January 2008


So you've probably guessed I haven't moved to Amsterdam yet and I'm still working my office job at the DWP..gutted. The job overseas is still on the cards but just a matter of waiting for it to come up. I'm actually moving to North Shields next month as my flatmate has bought an apartment down there, that will be my new base for all my shit when I eventually start the new job.
There has been a few dry and mild days of late and it has been good to get out there and ride, can't wait for the summer months! T-shirt and shorts weather, lazing on the grass.. good times.
I've got a Jo Oliphant interview coming up over the next 2 weeks, Jo is from Whitley Bay and is really good. I promise to document some new spots soon as well.
Rock the Kasbah.

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